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It's natural at the beginning of our lives to celebrate the arrival of a new child—the story has just begun. As we age we become wrapped up in all of our day-to-day activities, and we sometimes forget it's still important to honor and celebrate our lives and our stories along the way. Those stories define who we are and how we came to be a person so unique. Our stories define our humanity and connect us to one other. When we share our stories we honor our own life and the lives of our family and loved ones. Heritage Biographies was created to help you celebrate, honor and preserve those stories. We use the latest digital technology to help you to create a lasting legacy so that future generations will know you in your own words, images and unique voice.

Are you so wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of life that you don't take the time to reflect on your life story? Don't think it's important to preserve the “little details” of your life? I hope to change your mind about the importance of that—to help you understand that, by taking the time to remember and record your stories of life, you will not only receive great personal satisfaction but will leave an enduring legacy for your family, so they will always know and feel part of your story.

Mom  at 85
My Story

My mother (at age three in the small photo) had few stories to pass on, mainly because she never had the time to reflect on her life. She was too busy being both mother and father to three daughters. When she died, I looked in vain for something she had written down of her thoughts and feelings about her life. All I found were some scribbled notes about a patient she had cared for as a nurse. How wonderful it would have been to discover that she had some of her stories written and recorded about her life so her children would never forget those details or the sound of her voice. Will this happen to your children?

At that moment I realized the power of story, even though I had been capturing stories in my business life for over 25 years as a photographer. It was only then, when they were my family stories that were missing, did I realize the importance of doing this work. I have dedicated the rest of my life to capturing and preserving those stories, because I feel it's important to honor, celebrate and share them with those you hold dear. Please join me in this effort to celebrate life, and please make the commitment to spend some time for the future benefit of those you love. It's your priceless, unique legacy!

Heritage Biographies offers workshops and individual consultation in the Alanta area to get you started recording your own stories, please visit the workshop website for more information.